The year was the 1960, the man Porro Pasquale, the company was the family’s one, from father to son, from carriages towed by horses to technological cranes.

A long story which brings the signature of the man who started to pen it.

You saw him on the company square, he always arrived first and left last.
“if you want the employees to be on time, you have to show that the rule is for everyone”.
The firm was his home, the job his entertainment and the men who worked for him like his sons, “his guys”.
You saw him on the company square, no matter what the weather was like: he was there, still, but the mind was already elsewhere, on travel together with the next load due to leave.
There was not a place which could not be reached, there was no hurdle which could not be overcome.
If you saw him upset: there was a reproach to do, something to put back on the right track.
He was proud, confident, believed in dreams: if he wanted something, it was to be carried out in his manner.
The ice inside him melted only in front of his wife’s desk: her strictness brought him back down to earth, within the company square boundary.

We are the new generation.
Everyday we try to deserve what we inherited: not only a firm, but the principles, the values and the manners of the founder.
It does not matter if for someone of us he was the husband, the father or the employer.
We all owe to Porro Pasquale the best of what we do in the company.
And we all have the same regret: he did not live enough to see what he seeded flourish.
Sometime, in the office, when we sign a new contract, it seems to us that Porro Pasquale is still here, beside us, to tell us we are doing the right thing. Always on the march as he would have wanted.

The branch is that of transports, standard or exceptional transports. Foresight, investments and the ability to adapt ourselves to a market which changes quickly, without fear of going out from our boundary.

We grow,we sharpen our skills and the expertise raises.
Organizational skills and professionality bring new work, till they open new horizons.
Liftings, industrial removals, art masterpiece transports, warehousing are the additional sectors in which now we operate.

The trust which our customers put in us has been our biggest satisfaction and our best reference for over 50 years.