Boasting over 50 years of expertise in the lifting sector, Porro trasporti is able to satisfy every customer need with its means:

  • Mobile crane with telescopic boom with load capacity up to 200 tons which are able to operate on every type of terrain;
  • Compact cranes with load capacity up to 300 tons which are suitable for indoor operations. There is the possibility to operate these type of crane using electricity which means no pollution . Furthermore, the ability to tow a trailer permits to these cranes to carry out a removal autonomously;
  • Pick&carry cranes which are able to lift and move a specific load to its final destination even in tight areas.

By using this means, it contributed to setting up a new universe made of 145 worlds, called Milano-Expo 2015.

Porro trasporti rents work platforms either with or without operator. There is the possibility to choose among different models: articulated,electric or diesel, on wheels or crawler vehicles.

Furthermore, Porro trasporti boasts gantry cranes, also called Power tower, with load capacity up to 600 tons and which are able to work in 2 or 4 towers modality. They move on track and they are particularly suitable to lift and move heavy and bulky loads to their final destination.